The use of barcodes is already well established and highly visible in retail stores globally. Today, majority of Retailers/Supermarkets use barcode scanners & mobile computers in combination with electronic POS terminals/PC Based billing systems. These scanners are used for reading the barcode symbols that appear on prepackaged food and consumer goods.

Solution brief: Point of Sale (POS) Automation

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Let’s look at how a barcode system works in a Retail store. On its packaging, each product carries globally recognized EAN (GS1) barcode which uniquely identifies it and distinguishes it from all others in a shopping basket. At the checkout, an automatic scanner (fixed scanner or handheld reader) reads each barcode on the product. The barcode is decoded to reveal the Article number it represents. This number is passed to a computer, which matches it against a file and retrieves the price to be charged along with a description of the product and related details. Thus, retailer can record the identity of every item sold. They can re-order more quickly, reduce their stocks and have financial and marketing information at their fingertips with speed, accuracy, and detail. For consumers, it means accurate billing, faster checkouts (and a happy shopping experience).

With increase in consumer footfalls, retailers are now using mobile-POS systems for on-the-spot transactions. Mobile POS devices feature an integrated barcode reader (to scan individual items), Card reader (for credit card authorization), and Wi-Fi mobile printer (to generate bills & receipts).

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