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Solution brief: Work-in-Process (WIP/ Line) Automation

Work in process automation India

A manufacturing company’s inventory has three components: raw material, work in process (WIP), and finished goods. Of these, WIP is the hardest type of inventory for many companies to control. If WIP and batch sizes are to be reduced, accurately tracking the flow of materials, assemblies, and products becomes increasingly important. Bar codes have successfully been used to track WIP in a variety of industries. In its simplest configuration, a computer (server) is connected to a series of on-line readers to log products or assemblies as they pass through. The network at the back-end time-stamps each transaction and updates a data-base. The collected database can be used as feedback to a material requirements planning system, and can provide key management reports on Work Order Status, WIP levels, Bottlenecks, Productivity & Yield. Quality control is effective, and enforced with an automated WIP. Finished products (retail or logistic unit) finally carry a unique barcode that identifies country, manufacturer & item code.

Scanning at subsequent points of activity enables to create & save product life cycle data, and helps in product traceability & recalls meeting global standards.

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