The mark of a modern, efficient delivery organization is the amount of information it can capture, manage and provide to its customers. Barcode supply chain standards is enabling companies to identify, move & track goods in real time as they move from manufacturing floor to distribution center to retail store. Benefits include improved efficiency, increased visibility over the shipments flow, efficient handling and inventory management, increased security of distribution and speed of operations.

Solution brief: Warehouse Automation (WMS)

Warehouse Automation India

In a Warehouse or DC, barcodes can be used to simplify the receiving and un-loading process. As products or cases are received, these goods are scanned with handheld or fixed readers & verified with invoice. The items to be stored are placed in a holding area, waiting for a forklift operator / manual picker to take them. The operator uses a bar code reader (Mobile Computer) and scans the item that is to be stored. He then places the item in the next available storage location and scans the bar code affixed to it. These two bar codes fields have now been linked in the reader’s memory & transferred to server (system) via WIFI connectivity on real - time basis. When items are to be picked, the host computer downloads a pick list into an operator’s mobile computer. The handheld’s display prompts the operator to go to a specific location. The operator then scans the symbol on the stored item; confirms that this is the correct item, and quantity. If not, an error message is given. Result is accurate shipping in terms of item & quantity.

Route planning & delivery can further be automated with unique identification of retail or logistics units throughout the supply chain process.

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