Bar Code Technology is being widely adopted by leading healthcare institutions to streamline operations and ensure positive patient identification (PPI) The increasing use of bar code wristbands (together with admission labels & systems) are enabling healthcare personnel to accurately capture & verify data for medication administration, point-of-care-testing, transfusion verification, specimen collection/tracking, and patient billing.

Solution Spotlight: Positive Patient Identification (PPI)

Patient Identification Technology India

Below is summary on how barcode technology impacts healthcare: Once a patient presents for admission, barcode technology is utilized to generate or scan a patient ID cards. Barcode labels (including wristbands for patients), insurance forms, and face sheets are generated upon registration and contain a patient identifying barcode. When orders are placed, the patient wristband is scanned to ensure that orders are entered for the correct patient and on the correct amount. Order requisitions are printed in various departments for the diagnostics test ordered. Medication Administration Records (MAR) is updated as meds are administered. Each item or med has an identifying barcode so that patient & clinical matching/ tracking can be automated. Barcode are placed on charts, films, lab reports, and specimens to facilitate positive patient identification. As tests are performed, supplies are consumed (gauze, needles, dye, prep. materials). These items are scanned before utilizing them, thereby assisting in tracking of inventory and charge creation. MAR may also be updated again Barcodes are placed on the remittance portion of the patient bill to increase accuracy when posting payments in the accounting department (and to facilitate release). Through the entire patient process, the ultimate goal is to provide quality healthcare to each patient and to administer the Right Patient, Right Drug, Rig ht Dose, Right Time andRight Route of Administration.

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