Portable, pad type deactivator unit allows for extremely fast & easy deactivation of RF or AM labels & tags at point of sale. Barcode readers (with EAS functionality) are also available that can scan, read & de-activate labels.

  • Deactivators (for labels)
  • Detection speed: 120pcs/ min
  • Frequency: 8.2 MHz / 58 KHz
  • Compatible with RF/ AM labels
  • Audible & visual notification
  • Compact size, plug & play
Label Deactivator
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  • Label de-activation (point of sale)


Detachers provide wide magnetic field strength to ensure whatever standard hard tag or superior security hard tag would be released. Designed for use with most hard tags, detachers are multiline variety, versatile for mounting.

  • Detacher (for hard tags)
  • Compatible with most RF/ AM tags
  • Lock for advanced security
  • Durable, easy to use
  • Desktop mountable
label detacher
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  • Hard tag removal (point of sale)

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